Sunday, March 8, 2015

She&Me: Butterflies

A little butterfly snack station.

"This is the forest bridge. It's a secret bridge."
My daughter was super excited to come with me to the latest sketch event with KW Urban Sketchers at the Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory. Once we were there, she literally sketched circles around me. She found what she liked, sketched it and moved on. I had to really bust out of my comfort zone by only having 15 minutes for a sketch before we moved to find something else to draw. Tons of stuff going on around us (Quails! Turtles! Giant fish! A waterfall!) and lots of people interested in what our group was doing.

Me: pencil, Micron pen, Cotman watercolors.
She: Crayola markers, crayon, glitter gel pen.
After-snack: chocolate milk, blueberry muffin, plain chips.

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